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We are the first to bring A.I. ticket generation and machine learning prediction technology to Horse Racing. 

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

In computer science, the term “Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.), is used to describe intelligence demonstrated by machines that mimics human cognitive functions such as learning and problem solving.

What is Ticket Generation?

Our patent-pending ticket generation technology utilizes A.I. in order to create a ticket in seconds with the highest probable chance of winning.

Ticket Generator

Think of the Ticket Generator as your virtual advisor. It can analyze every bit of data available, factor in all relevant angles and use deductive reasoning in order to give you a highly intelligent ticket recommendation in seconds. 

Interactive Dashboard

Our Interactive Dashboard functions as the starting gate for our system. It provides a convenient view of different areas in which a player can strategically approach the day’s races. The Dashboard is still under development but will available before public launch.


The HandiView highlights the most pertinent information on each of a horse’s past performances as well as past workouts. HandiView shows running lines as well as unique statistics such as the owner win % over the past 5 years.

Proprietary A.I. Metrics

Our A.I. metrics are designed to give every player an edge regardless of their experience level.

EE Win%

EE Win%, our most powerful metric, analyzes all available data to create a win chance prediction for every horse. 


SoR (Strength of Race) indicates the strength of the competition a horse has faced over its past 5 races.

Our algorithms account for thousands of handicapping factors and angles for every race along with all available data on every horse. Below are just a few of the crucial factors analyzed:

  • late scratches
  • surface changes
  • jockey changes
  • race date
  • track
  • surface
  • distance
  • race conditions
  • purse amount


  • field size
  • stakes grade
  • SoR (Strength of Race)
  • age of horse
  • workouts
  • post position
  • jockey stats
  • trainer stats
  • owner stats
  • sire stats
  • dam stats
  • sire progeny stats
  • dam progeny stats
  • medication
  • equipment
  • time
  • speed
  • earnings
  • trouble
  • track conditions
  • claiming price
  • weight carried
  • class of the horse
  • live odds
  • morning line
  • post positon
  • weather

Win % Chance for our Top Horses

We assign a win percentage (EE Win%) for every horse in a race and the horse with the highest number is our Top Horse. Since June 18, 2019 our Top Horse has won 36% of the races, one of  our Top 2 Horses has won 55% of the races and one of our Top 3 Horses has won 73% of the races.

Top: 36%

Top 2: 53%

Top 3: 73%

The Most Accurate Horse Racing Prediction Technology Available

Our proprietary metrics utilize the latest advancements in Machine Learning Technology allowing our algorithms to continuously learn and improve over time. The chart below shows how often a horse wins within the percent range that our system has predicted.

Horse Profiles

The Horse Profile contains what we believe to be the most relevant statistics any horseplayer should consider when analyzing a horse. Every horse profile is made up of the following:

Horse Lifetime Stats

The lifetime stats tab displays a horse’s total number of races, wins, places, shows, total money earned, average money earned per race as well as money earned on each surface. These same stats can be viewed based on the last 6 months showing a horse’s current form.

Past performances

Our Past Performance View which we call HandiView highlights the most pertinent information on each of a horse’s past performances as well as past workouts. HandiView shows running lines as well as unique statistics such as the owner win % over the past 5 years.

Jockey/Trainer Stats

The trainer tab of the horse profile highlights the trainer’s win % over the past year as well as any changes that have been made since the last race. The jockey tab contains the jockey win % over the past 5 years as well as the jockey/trainer combo win %.

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Other Features

The following features will be available once our site has been launched to the public:

Ticket Book

Our Ticket Book feature gives you the ability to save any generated ticket. Whether you’re at the track or at home you can view all your saved tickets in one spot to play at your convenience. 


See the live odds for each horse in each race in real time, alongside the horse’s Morning line odds and Win%. You can also view the available wagers for each horse.

Here’s What They’re Saying About Us

“The Ticket Generator is a game changer. Once you’ve used it, I don’t see how you could play without it”

Dave Weaver

Analyst & Broadcaster, TVG

“I’ve been using the EE Win % and it is the real MVP.”

Rachel McLaughlin

On Air Talent & Racing Production Manager, Indiana Grand

“The EquinEdge Win Percentages and SoR are valuable tools to my handicapping arsenal. Combined with my trips notes, those two tools help me narrow down the field and separate the likely winners from the non-contenders. “

Jose Contreras

Analyst & Broadcaster, TVG

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